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professional delivery route services

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In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, you may not have the resources to commit to the demand for transporting valuable commodities between corporate branches, affiliates, customers, other locations, etc. This is where ALPHA GX Logistics uses its strength and experience to take this necessary but sometimes burdensome logistical necessity and turn it into a worry free part of your business.

We pick up from anywhere, including:

  • Airports/Airlines
  • FedEx
  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office Buildings/Parks
  • Post Offices
  • UPS
  • Much More

Our goal is to be your trusted, valued, and reliable transportation asset; we provide competitive prices with professional service by experienced, customer friendly couriers. You can count on us to leverage our experience to be your supply chain solution. We are your valuable business ally that will routinely deliver or pick up whatever your company needs to ensure the seamless flow of your transportation component.

We are the tristate area’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year courier and delivery service. It doesn’t matter when or where you need our routine services; we are always available to quickly and efficiently transport your cargo and packages. We provide both local and long distance courier services to fit your needs.

Professional Routine Services are for the daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. deliveries or pickups that are regularly scheduled as a part of your business operation. This includes:

  • Mail (Letter, Packages, etc)
  • Documents
  • Office Supplies
  • Lab Samples
  • Bloodwork
  • Medical Equipment
  • Payroll
  • Other Pharmaceuticals
  • Much More

Sometimes you don’t have the time or resources for this component of your business. Let us take this responsibility for you so that your most valuable resources can focus on increasingly important internal operations. Call AJPDeliveryExpress/ALPHA GX Logistics at 412.600.2258 today to find out more about these and other services.


medical courier services

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Every day labs, pharmacies, clinics, blood banks, and hospitals need secured transport of vital blood and tissue specimens, pharmaceuticals, and other biologicals. We will be there whether you need us on a routine schedule, immediate, or emergency basis.

Our medical specimen courier services offer unparalleled customer service and professionalism in the safe, quick, and reliable transport of medical supplies and other biological needs. We always use equipment that is suitable to the type of medical need being transported; personal and environmental safety are two of our largest strengths.

Strategic Partnership

Our couriers understand the importance of delivering pharmaceutical supplies, lab samples, etc on time, safely, and accurately to and from the patient. We work with you to ensure that all services are provided on time, every time.

Limited resources for many healthcare companies can make this an internal challenge, but our couriers partner with your company as an added asset, both financially and professionally. We understand the sharply rising costs of maintaining staff and other assets for this critical component of your business, and put our extensive experience to work for you every time, at all times.


Pharmaceuticals, lab samples, medical supplies, and other healthcare deliveries are constantly flowing between provider and patient, lab and hospital, hospital and patient, etc. We understand the importance of this time sensitive service. You can trust our professional couriers to transport these critical items quickly and accurately.


Home deliveries of medication and equipment to patients are one of the most important courier services we offer. Potentially life-saving medications are delivered with confidence and privacy. We maintain strict confidentiality of all patient information and patients are treated with respect, compassion, and courtesy. AJPDeliveryExpress has a strong healthcare background and goes the extra mile to maintain privacy for the patient. We are HIPAA and DOT compliant, and HAZMAT specialists are available at all times.


All deliveries are tracked real time so you are able to monitor the progress from the point of pickup to the place of delivery, and reports are always available for peace of mind and/or auditing purposes.


hme/homecare services

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Rising Home Medical Equipment (HME) delivery costs, combined with declining reimbursements, have made delivery of non-clinical medical equipment cost prohibitive. Our specialized medical courier services are supported by our extensive knowledge of home healthcare; combined with their friendly, patient oriented demeanor, we make this component of your business more cost effective and increase patient satisfaction.

NONCLINICAL EQUIPMENT AND PRODUCT delivery, assembly, setup, instruction, of use, and pickup categories: 

  • Bathroom Aids (Commodes)
  • Bathroom Safety Aids (Bath/Shower Benches, Grab Bars, Elevated
  • Toilet Seats, Transfer Benches, etc)
  • CPAPs
  • Hospital Beds and Accessories
  • Lift Chairs
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses
  • Nebulizers
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Portable Oxygen (Cylinders, Concentrators)
  • Rollators
  • Walking Aids (Walkers, Canes, Crutches)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Miscellaneous supplies and accessories

AJPDeliveryExpress is familiar with accrediting agencies and their strict guidelines. We professionally and compassionately ensure that the patient receives their medical equipment when expected, and STAT services are available for crucial deliveries, such as hospice and palliative care.

AJPDeliveryExpress is HIPAA compliant and will thoroughly complete any documentation you need. Patient information is protected and held in the strictest of confidence. All patient documentation will be returned to your office within 24 hours to ensure your billing and reimbursement processes can proceed without interruption.