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Since 2014 we have provided Pittsburgh, PA with outstanding delivery services. From immediate courier service to out-of-town deliveries, we will meet the needs of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

same day delivery (2 & 4 hours), dedicated route drivers

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Our goal is to be your transportation asset; consequently, we provide competitive prices with experienced, customer friendly couriers.

medical courier services

Our couriers understand the importance of delivering pharmaceutical supplies, lab samples, etc on time, safely, and accurately to and from the patient.

hme/homecare services

Rising Home Medical Equipment (HME) delivery costs, combined with declining reimbursements, has made delivery of non-clinical medical equipment cost prohibitive.

Our mission is to leverage our experience in the delivery industry to provide superior service at affordable prices. Through the use of cutting edge technology and strong customer service skills, we treat all customers, regardless of size, exactly the same.

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tsa certified pickups and deliveries available

You may not need TSA certified drivers for every shipment, but it’s a great idea to consider partnering with a delivery company that has TSA certified drivers on hand. Your shipment will need to be delivered by a TSA certified driver if it needs to be taken to the airport and loaded onto a plane. If you are going to have a shipment unloaded and picked up from a plane, then you are not likely to need a TSA certified driver.


I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT bringing delivery service to the next level

Hi, my name is Allen Philips and I started ALPHA GX Logistics with the desire to not only provide superior customer service but to ensure that your cargo will be delivered with professionalism by seasoned and experienced couriers. Our drivers are HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen compliant; they undergo an extensive background and motor vehicle check.

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AJPDeliveryExpress started in 2014 with a strong focus on local courier services. The founder has over two decades of delivery and logistics experience. Our passion for delivery and customer satisfaction drives us to succeed in satisfying your expectations. Our staff is friendly, professional, and experienced. We take pride in providing superior service.

If you have cargo that needs delivered today, our experienced, friendly couriers will pick up your package and deliver it the same day. We utilize the latest in software and mapping technology to get your cargo where it needs to go quickly and efficiently. We understand how important this is to you. Depending on the location of the delivery, it is usually accomplished within 4 hours.

allen philips
Pittsburgh, PA


Our experienced, professional couriers have a strong ‘can do’ attitude. We do whatever we can to make sure your package is delivered quickly, safely, and in the same condition it was when we picked it up. We do whatever we can to ensure than you are satisfied, and will continue to work out a feasible solution for you.

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